Jewish National Fund – Negev Dinner/Gala

Jewish National Fund – Negev Dinner/Gala

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been performing environmental work in Israel for 114 years. Today, as the problems that are plaguing our planet become more apparent, we continue to develop and implement cutting edge environmental projects.

The JNF is a United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization), and has worked to develop partnerships with a number of government and professional organizations to further cooperative relationships, conduct research, share technical expertise and obtain educational exchanges.

The Negev Dinner/Gala represents a continuing rallying point for Jewish National Fund community-wide support across the country. Negev Dinner/Galas provide a prestigious forum for honouring community leaders and those who have given outstanding personal effort of behalf of the Jewish State. In many instances this has become the most prestigious organizational/social event in the local community.

Jewish National Fund continues its winning streak with the naming of Beth and Lorne Price as 2015 Negev Gala Honourees. JNF, which has hosted this community’s highest profile honouree event since 1955, knows how to pick them. “Dr. Lorne and Beth Price are exceptionally worthy honourees whose volunteer service has made a tremendous impact on the entire community for decades,” said Josh Cooper, CEO of JNF Canada. “Their dedication is admired at both a local and national level as they continue to devote their time to helping us build Israel through JNF. Lorne and Beth are very well respected for their commitment and continue to devote their time to philanthropic causes”. The Dr. Lorne & Beth Price Therapeutic Children’s Playground will make up part of the Dr. Max and Gianna Glassman PTSD and Health Centre at Jerusalem’s Herzog Hospital.

It is a sad fact that Israelis cope daily with psychological trauma and other mental health challenges due to war and terrorism. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder are devastating enough for adults, not to mention children, some of whom have spent their entire young lives in the crosshairs of hostile neighbors bent on Israel’s destruction. Herzog Hospital helps Israelis to cope in the aftermath of war and terrorism as well as domestic and school violence. The addition of the Glassman Centre and the Price Playground will increase Herzog Hospital’s reach, allowing for the treatment of up to 25 per cent more patients.

Proceeds from the Calgary JNF Negev Gala will, specifically, support the creation of the planned 150 square meter therapeutic playground attached to the children’s wing of the Glassman Centre. It will include a beautiful grassy area, interlock surfaced pathways, shrubbery and trees, a sitting area and playground equipment… an oasis of calm where children suffering trauma can be diagnosed and treated through play therapy. Families can also unwind before or after an appointment in a natural setting carefully designed to promote tranquility and healing. 

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