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Pursuing Disability Insurance Claims

Disability insurance is a key component to achieve financial security for yourself and your loved ones. If you are injured and unable to work (even temporarily), disability insurance provides an important safety net. Yet that safety net offers no protection if your disability claim is denied.

In our experience, we see many reasons why a disability claim is denied. Below are a few examples of the most common reasons: 

  • Insufficient medical evidence to establish the extent of the injury; 
  • Insufficient evidence proving the inability to return to work;
  • Insufficient evidence showing the connection between the injury and the inability to work; or
  • Seeking treatment from a health professional the insurer does not consider appropriate or failing to satisfy terms of the policy in the claims submission materials.

We have significant experience negotiating with insurance companies to obtain disability coverage for our clients. Our first step is assessing the medical evidence presented so far, identifying the gaps in that evidence, and guiding you to obtain the evidence needed to prove your claim. We then present that medical evidence in a compelling and informative way and negotiate directly with the insurance company on your behalf.

Where a settlement cannot be reached, we can pursue a legal claim against the insurance company on your behalf.

Carbert Waite has the experience to represent you should your disability claim be denied and can assist you in filing your disability claim. Our goal is to identify the best way to ensure you receive the coverage expected from your disability insurance. 


We have been made aware that imposters are fraudulently using the names of our lawyers to contact vulnerable individuals, aiming to acquire money, information, or other valuables. If you receive a suspicious call, email, text, or any other communication, please alert local authorities immediately. Your security is paramount to us, and we appreciate your vigilance.

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