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Advising and Representing Condominium Corporations and Management Companies

Condominium Governance and Enforcement

Volunteers who serve on condominium boards face governance challenges when individual owners fail to appreciate their legal obligations or refuse to abide by bylaws. Under the Condominium Property Act and bylaws, boards have considerable authority and powerful remedies. But they must proceed carefully. Boards need effective, practical advice and representation to understand their role, their legal rights and choose the best means of enforcement.

Our condominium lawyers are experienced in condominium governance and enforcement and will consider all available options for ensuring bylaw and rule compliance. Our condominium lawyers work in conjunction with a management company to advise the board how to best proceed in the particular circumstances. No two cases are alike, and practical legal insight is a key support for board decision-making. Proper advice and representation can also ensure that the costs of those enforcement steps are, to the extent possible, shifted onto the owner whose conduct has created the issue.