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Insurance Law

Alberta Insurance Lawyers

We advise and represent  regional, national, and international insurers and clients on insurance matters.

Insurance impacts many commercial and personal matters. At Carbert Waite LLP, we assist clients by addressing insurance issues as defence counsel for insurers, subrogation counsel, coverage counsel or acting for insureds. We provide Insurance Claims and Policy Review Services to both insurers and insureds on a host of insurance matters including:

  • Casualty claims including vehicle insurance, liability insurance, theft insurance and property insurance
  • Commercial General Liability claims, including large industrial losses, business interruption losses, and large multi-party claims
  • Course of Construction claims
  • Wrap Up Liability claims
  • Life and Disability Insurance claims
  • Director and Officer Liability claims
  • Coverage opinions and issues
  • First and Third Party claims
  • Product Liability claims
  • Property Loss claims
  • Subrogated claims
  • Independent Legal Advice where claims exceed policy limits
  • Liability and Defence Cost Reserve Assessments
  • Liability and Quantum Assessments

Insurance Subrogation in Alberta

Under most types of indemnity insurance policies, including car insurance, home insurance, property insurance and liability insurance, insurance companies may have the right of subrogation. Essentially, subrogation allows an insurer, who pays an insured for a covered loss under an insurance policy or assumes liability for coverage, to advance a claim against the third party responsible for the loss.


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