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Drafting and Updating Condominium Bylaws

Drafting and Updating Condominium Bylaws

Condominium Bylaws govern the operation and management of a condominium. They establish guidelines for the conduct and responsibilities of the condominium corporation, board of directors, and owners. They are the ‘rules of the road’. They give the condominium the authority they need to enforce the rules and ensure all owners live together peacefully.  Each condominium has unique rules but also needs to ensure their Bylaws are up-to-date, comply with the current legislation, and protect condominiums and the boards of directors.

We recognize that every condominium community is unique, with specific needs and requirements. Our experienced lawyers work closely with condominium corporations, boards of directors, and property management companies to create tailored Bylaws that promote a harmonious living environment while adhering to the governing legislation.

Our Bylaw drafting and updating services include:

  • Reviewing and revising existing Bylaws to ensure compliance with current legislation and industry best practices
  • Drafting new Bylaws tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the condominium community
  • Advising on the implementation and enforcement of Bylaws, including dispute resolution strategies and compliance procedures
  • Providing guidance on the interpretation and application of Bylaws, particularly in the context of board decision-making and property management
  • Assisting with the amendment process, including drafting amendments, facilitating owner consultations, and navigating the registration process

Drafting the Bylaws is only part of the work. The Bylaws also need to be approved by the majority of owners and that approval process can be difficult. We understand Bylaws and can explain the proposed changes so they are approved by the owners.