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Guardianship and Trusteeship Disputes

Calgary Guardianship and Trusteeship Lawyers

At Carbert Waite LLP we deal with all kinds of disputes regarding guardianship, trusteeship, personal directives and powers of attorney. The most effective tool that we have is well structured estate planning that includes personal directives and enduring powers of attorney (sometimes referred to as living wills). Our estate planning lawyers are experienced at providing personalized estate planning advice, including drafting the required documents. Unfortunately, even with solid estate planning, sometimes disputes can arise.

Elderly Person Estate Disputes

In recent years we are seeing an increase in disputes surrounding control of the wealth of elderly persons prior to their death.

Sometimes it is as a result of well-intentioned but poorly executed duties by attorneys (under a power of attorney), guardians (under a guardianship order) or agents (under a personal directive). In other cases it is as a result of an individual taking advantage of the vulnerable for their own gain (Elder Abuse). Regardless of the circumstances, our estate litigation lawyers are experienced with assisting individuals to navigate these difficult situations whether they are the vulnerable individual, the attorney/agent/guardian or whether they are an interested person concerned about the vulnerable individual.

Disabled Adult Estate Disputes

Another area where our estate lawyers can be of assistance is in dealing with the financial and personal affairs of disabled adults.

We can assist in obtaining the required court orders for guardianship and trusteeship as well as help with accessing the social programs available. This is also important for disabled minors nearing the age of majority.

With lawyers experienced in estate planning and with lawyers experienced in estate litigation, Carbert Waite LLP is well positioned to provide legal services for any guardianship or trusteeship dispute.