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Fraud Law

Calgary Fraud Litigation Lawyers

Fraud is a serious threat that can have potentially devastating impacts on a business. Our experienced Calgary fraud lawyers advise and represent businesses and individuals in a variety of civil fraud disputes. Our extensive experience ranges from employee fraud and mortgage fraud to securities fraud and fraudulent investment advisors. Our civil fraud team has a network of top-notch experts and advisors at our disposal including civil enforcement agencies, private investigators and forensic accountants. 

Our lawyers have also acted as independent supervising solicitors on Anton Piller and Pre-Judgment Attachment searches and seizures.

If you suspect your business has been a victim of fraud, our team can assist in investigating and assessing the scope of the fraud. We will also make recommendations about what injunctions and emergency relief may be available and what steps can be taken to manage any ongoing risk. We recognize that often these circumstances are about containing the damage and can provide creative and cost-effective solutions to get you back to focusing on your business.

If you are an individual accused of fraud, our team can assist in dealing with any orders against you and can help manage their impact. Whether or not the allegations are true, having experienced counsel in your corner is a must.