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Representing Owners

Non-Compliance with the Condominium Property Act

At times, boards and their managers act for reasons other than the best interest of the corporation or in a way that does not comply with the processes and requirements for proper governance of a condominium corporation. Under the Condominium Property Act and bylaws, condo owners have rights and are entitled to certain protection. This protection can apply to the use of the condominium unit and to an owner’s enjoyment of the amenities and common areas. In financial terms, the Act and the bylaws can limit the circumstances when an owner is liable for amounts claimed by the corporation, such as insurance deductibles, fines and repair costs.

Legal advice and representation is needed to properly enforce an owner’s rights and to ensure boards and their managers are acting within the limits of their authority. This starts from sound and practical advice to an owner on their rights, and then developing a strategy for moving forward that fits within cost and time constraints. Our experienced condo lawyers are able to help owners navigate these difficult issues in a fair and cost-effective manner.



We have been made aware that imposters are fraudulently using the names of our lawyers to contact vulnerable individuals, aiming to acquire money, information, or other valuables. If you receive a suspicious call, email, text, or any other communication, please alert local authorities immediately. Your security is paramount to us, and we appreciate your vigilance.

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