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Pursuing a Payout with Insurance Companies

One of the most stressful elements of pursuing a claim with an insurance company is negotiating the payout. The process can become both complex and combative and involve engaging in very detailed reviews of the loss and the property at issue.

In our experience, we see several disputes with insurance companies which we can assist with. Below are a few examples of the most common disputes: 

  • The insurance company undervalues the damaged property (such as by minimizing the extent of the damage, or assigning an unfair value to the property itself);
  • The insurance company denies certain property was damaged; 
  • The insurance company denies certain repairs are needed; or
  • The insurance company claims certain property is not covered, the loss suffered was not covered by the policy, or the individual insured did not take the preventative measures needed to receive full coverage.

Often, we see parties struggling to reach a settlement because they are stuck fighting over the details. We can assist clients by taking a step back and shifting the focus onto high-level issues to achieve a comprehensive settlement. When necessary, we will focus on details to convince the insurance company that your proposed settlement figure is a fair one. 

The team at Carbert Waite are seasoned negotiators and focus on the big picture. Our goal is to cut through the details and negotiate a settlement that maximizes recovery, minimizes risk, and minimizes the delay in seeing payment of the claim.