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Insurance Policy Reviews / Coverage Opinions

When a loss occurs or an injury is suffered, the first step in dealing with your insurance is determining whether the loss or injury is even covered by the insurance policy at issue. This exercise involves: 

  • a detailed analysis of the insurance policy itself (including all exclusions and riders) and the relevant legislation and common law;
  • understanding the loss or injury itself and determining if the loss or injury is of the type covered by the policy; and
  • assessing the impacts of any events that did (or did not) occur before or after the loss or injury. 

Once a review is complete, we provide a clear picture whether a loss or injury is covered by the policy and to what extent. In many cases, a settlement between the insurance company and the insured can be achieved with this information alone. 

Carbert Waite performs policy reviews / coverage opinions on both detailed and simple policy claims and works for insurance companies and insureds. Our experience includes:

  • Homeowner insurance and commercial property insurance;
  • Auto insurance; 
  • Commercial General Liability insurance;
  • Course of Construction insurance and Business Interruption insurance;
  • Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance; 
  • Professional Errors and Omissions insurance; and
  • Disability insurance.

The lawyers at Carbert Waite have the experience and expertise to assist and can be your first source of advice should a loss or injury occur.