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Mediation & Arbitration

Calgary Mediation and Arbitration Lawyers: Get Your Matter Resolved

At Carbert Waite LLP we recognize the high costs of litigation and the value of early resolution through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. This is why we regularly engage in mediations and arbitrations on behalf of our clients. We also offer mediation and arbitration services to assist non-client litigants in resolving their disputes.


Mediation is a less formal process that involves a neutral third party who assists in conflict resolution with the goal of reaching a settlement. 

We believe in a flexible approach to mediation. The process should bend to suit the needs of the parties and the nature of the particular dispute. We are prepared to play a facilitative role or to engage on the facts and the law as much as is necessary and desired by the parties. We value the role that counsel plays in mediation and always respect their relationship with their client(s). The role of the mediator is to create an atmosphere where the parties can come to their own unique resolution. Creativity and persistence is key.


Arbitration is more formal than mediation but less formal than a trial. Arbitration means that the neutral third party arbitrator will make a decision on the dispute based on the law and facts as presented by the parties. Arbitration is much more flexible than a trial and allows the parties to work with the arbitrator to design a process that will save time and expense by focusing on what really matters to them.

In order for it to function as intended, as a shorter and less expensive alternative to a trial, the parties and the arbitrator need to be pragmatic in designing a process that will serve the ultimate goal. An arbitrator needs to have a common sense approach to the law. Our experience working for plaintiffs and defendants means that we are not predisposed to one side or the other and can focus on the facts and the law in coming to a fair and balanced decision.

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