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Roxanne Davis in the Canadian HR Reporter

December 13, 2022

Carbert Waite LLP Partner, Roxanne Davis, made a recent contribution to the Canadian HR Reporter.  

In the article titled “Sexual harassment by owner gets worker more than $50,000 in damages,” Roxanne shares a recent Albert Human Rights Commission Tribunal decision ordering an employer to pay a worker more than $50,000 in damages after the worker was sexually harassed and fired. 

As she explains, this case is an example of the current effort the Alberta Human Rights Commission and Tribunal is making to compensate human rights violations to a degree commensurate with the harm they cause individuals. 

Roxanne also discusses the differences in damage awards between the provinces by adding, “Historically, Alberta damage awards for human rights breaches have been low compared to other provinces – particularly B.C. and Ontario – and there’s been, I think, quite fair criticism of the commission for that.”  

Fortunately, as Roxanne points out, the cost of violating human rights regulations is increasing for Alberta employers.  She explains, “Over the last couple of years …we’re seeing a consistent trend in the commission recognizing that human rights breaches need to have higher damages awards to properly reflect the impact that [discrimination] has on individuals…”  

To read the article, please visit the Canadian HR Reporter here.