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Roxanne Davis in Canadian HR Reporter- The Importance of Compassion: Alberta Worker Wrongfully Dismissed While on Medical Leave

December 1, 2023

Picture of Roxanne Davis with HRR logo

Roxanne Davis, Carbert Waite LLP Partner and the current co-chair of the Employment Law practice group sheds light on a wrongful dismissal case in her recent contribution to the Canadian HR Reporter. The case involves an employer’s aggressive approach in dismissing an employee on medical leave which resulted in damages ordered by the Alberta Provincial Court. 

In the recent article, Alberta worker fired while on medical leave wrongfully dismissed Roxanne, explores the details of the case involving the Independent Living Resource Centre of Calgary, and outlines valuable lessons on best practices for employers dealing with medical leave. From inaccurate information about entitlements to an insensitive manner of dismissal, the article delves into the legal consequences and emphasizes the need for compassion in workplace communication. 
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