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Roxanne Davis in Canadian HR Reporter – Finding the Right Employees Legally

November 21, 2023

Carbert Waite LLP Partner, Roxanne Davis, and current co-chair of the Employment Law practice group, made a recent contribution to the Canadian HR Reporter. 

In the article titled Finding the right employees legally Roxanne discusses the journey from posting a job to hiring a candidate and how it is rife with potential legal pitfalls. Roxanne suggests that a strategic and legally compliant recruitment process involves careful consideration at every step, safeguarding both employers and candidates from legal pitfalls in the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

Specifically, she highlights the significance of language in job postings, emphasizing the need for gender-neutral terms and avoiding requirements that may inadvertently exclude individuals with disabilities or immigrants. Employers should scrutinize job postings, ensuring inclusivity and relevance to the position’s actual needs.

This article urges employers to adopt a proactive and legally informed approach to the recruitment process to attract top talent while minimizing legal risks.

The complete article is available at this link.