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Navigating Complex Terminations: Insights from the May 28 Seminar

June 7, 2024

Breakfast Seminar

On May 28, employment lawyers and partners Stephen Torscher and Dylan Snowdon led an insightful seminar titled “Navigating Complex Terminations.” This event was designed to help employers and HR professionals handle the intricate process of employee terminations, particularly in high-conflict situations, disability cases, and other complex scenarios.

Key Topics Covered

  • Duty to Accommodate
  • Frustration of Contract
  • Managing Benefits on Termination
  • Working Notice vs. Payment in Lieu
  • Without Cause vs. Just Cause
  • Termination Process
  • High-Conflict, Group, and Post-Resignation

Practical Insights and Best Practices

Throughout the seminar, practical insights and best practices were shared to help employers handle complex terminations confidently and improve HR compliance. Key takeaways included the importance of preparation, clear communication, and understanding legal obligations.

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