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Estate Planning Documents: 10 Reasons to Revisit

May 6, 2020

Estate Planning Documents

Author: Sarah Barker

Estate planning may be something you checked off your ‘to do’ list and forgot about. However, ask yourself, “does your life still look like it did when those documents were drafted?”

Life is constantly changing and with those changes it is important to revisit your estate planning documents to make sure they still reflect your life circumstances and your wishes. While everyone’s situation is different, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 life events that should trigger a re-visit to your estate planning documents. 

Events Where You Should Re-Visit Your Estate Planning Documents

  1. You got married 
  2. You got divorced or separated
  3. You entered or left an adult interdependent relationship 
  4. You became a parent (or a step parent)  
  5. A child has turned 18
  6. You’ve become a grandparent 
  7. A loved one or beneficiary has died   
  8. An executor or guardian has died
  9. You’ve moved to a new province 
  10. Your assets have significantly changed (both up or down)

If you would like to re-visit your estate planning, or discuss it for the first time, please contact one of Carbert Waite’s estate planning lawyers.