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CPHR Alberta Conference – EVOLVE 23

June 26, 2023

Carbert Waite LLP is a proud sponsor of Evolve 23, a hybrid professional development experience for HR Professionals. We are joining HR practitioners from across the province to discuss where the profession is today and where it’s headed. The conference will allow you to form connections and gain the knowledge, tools, and experience needed to boost your organization’s effectiveness and bring more resilience & engagement to the workplace.

Alongside our sponsorship, we are also hosting a discussion on how to deal with unique issues in the workplace:

Unique Human Rights Events in the Workplace

Wednesday, September 13, 2023 | 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

Led by: 

HR Professionals routinely deal with unique issues in the workplace that no one could have predicted. Issues range from the employee who starts to show up late (due to anxiety or a personal family matter) to the employee drinking alcohol at work. HR Professionals witness the employee experiencing bullying due to their sexuality, the employee in the midst of transitioning genders, the employee who just experienced a death in the family or a pregnancy loss, and the employee with an elder care arrangement that does not allow that individual to attend to work during their regularly scheduled hours.

The world and its outlook on human rights issues are changing. And, HR Professionals need to be attuned to these changes. When well-equipped to handle such issues as they arise, HR Professionals can make the workplace one that is “keeping up with the times” and one where employees want to work. 

This session will look at the shifting human rights landscape and will touch on case studies and examples of human rights events that may arise in the workplace. The session will provide practical tips to navigate these challenging events. If you’re interested in participating in the conference, registration is now open for both in-person and virtual attendance or a combination of both. Join Carbert Waite and CPHR Alberta to explore the next era of work, and leave with the tools and inspiration to evolve your HR thinking.