Enforcement of Judgments in Alberta (REJA)

Enforcing US Judgments in Alberta

Have a US judgement in hand and don’t want assets to evaporate?

We are Alberta lawyers who respond to international enforcement issues rapidly and effectively.

In our experience, three things are most important when you have a judgment ready for enforcement.

  1. A swift response is paramount. In practical terms, someone owes you or your client money and the sooner you can collect the better. Debtors may seek to rapidly protect assets. Foreign judgments must be registered in Canada within a limited period of time – six years.
  2. Having a legal team to locate assets including proper searches and examinations in aid of enforcement.
  3. Having an experienced cross-border team able to efficiently navigate the Alberta courts and with experience in successfully enforcing judgments.

We are able to handle all aspects of cross-border litigation in Western Canada. We place priority on taking prompt and efficient action to maximize recovery. We are adept at locating assets. We are experienced with the enforcement mechanisms available in Western Canada including equitable relief.

Foreign Action Services

  • Enforcement of California, Texas, and North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Washington State Judgments
  • Cross-border litigation services for related actions
  • Seeking Letters Rogatory in relation to interlocutory orders in US actions

Can a United States Court Judgment be Enforced in Canada?

A US judgment can generally be enforced in Canada, so long as the US court property exercised its jurisdiction. An application to register the judgment in Alberta must be made within 6 years of the judgment being granted. After the US judgment is registered in Alberta, enforcement steps can be taken against Canadian assets. This can include seizing Canadian assets.

How do I Request the Assistance of the Alberta Courts in Enforcing a US Order?

Our attorneys can assist you with making an application to the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench to register your American judgment in Alberta.

This application must be brought within 6 years of the US judgment being granted, and in many cases can be done without notice to the judgment debtor.

We are happy to speak with you about the specific conditions of your US judgment, as the process for seeking the assistance of the Alberta courts will vary depending on your specific circumstances.

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