Estate Litigation

An Open Legacy

A love one’s death is a painful time and may not always offer a final resolution. Open questions and ambiguities relating to the deceased’s intentions can potentially pave a legacy with conflict.  Failure to properly administer an estate can also create ongoing disputes during an emotionally challenging period. We advise and represent trustees, executors, personal representatives, dependants, spouses, family members, adult interdependent partners, attorneys, guardians, beneficiaries, and other claimants in disputes involving estates. Our Calgary estate litigation lawyers can deal with disputes anywhere in Alberta and across western Canada.


Our approach to estate litigation combines personal empathy with a pragmatic resolve to deliver the best outcome for our clients. Estate disputes generally involve family and close personal relationships. This kind of conflict can be both emotionally and financial costly. We work with our clients to understand the relationships between beneficiaries as well as their relationship to the deceased. Beyond these important interpersonal components, our focus remains on navigating the estate dispute and choosing the best strategy to deliver a positive outcome. Accordingly, we aim to respect the intentions of the deceased while leveraging the many common law and statutory legal tools at our disposal.


The main categories of legal claims involving estates include:

Will and Estate Disputes

Challenging Wills

Estate disputes often focus on determining the intentions of the deceased as evidenced by their wills. Challenges to a will are generally established by arguing that the deceased either did not have capacity to clearly establish their intentions or that a third party exerted an undue influence on these intentions.


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Claims by Dependants

If a family member has not been fairly provided for within a deceased’s estate, they may be eligible to bring a claim under the Wills and Succession Act. Our estate litigation lawyers act for all sides in these disputes, including executors, beneficiaries and claimants.


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Guardianship and Trusteeship Disputes

Some disputes emerge prior to an individual’s death. This includes the control and disposition of assets belonging to elderly individuals who are no longer competent to look after their own affairs. Other disputes relate to the financial and personal affairs of disabled adults. Of particular concern are disabled minor children of a deceased who are nearing the age of majority.

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Calgary Estate Litigation Services

  • Challenges to wills
  • Disputes relating the administration of an estate
  • Support claims from eligible dependents
  • Guardianship disputes for minor children
  • Disputes relating to personal directives (personal care) and enduring power of attorneys (financial decisions)

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