Jewish National Fund – 2016 Negev Dinner/Gala

Jewish National Fund – 2016 Negev Dinner/Gala

Carbert Waite LLP is a proud supporter of the Jewish National Fund (JNF). The Jewish National Fund has evolved since its birth in 1901 and the era of the early pioneers. Its mission to redeem the land of Israel has been steadfast and unwavering, servicing as trustee of the land for the Jewish people of the world.

The Negev Campaign represents a continuing rallying point for Jewish National Fund community-wide support across the country. The Negev Gala provides a prestigious forum for honouring community leaders and those who have given outstanding personal effort of behalf of the Jewish State. In many instances this has become the most prestigious organizational/social event in the local community.

Carbert Waite LLP congratulates Carol and Larry Ryder, who were honoured at the May 12, 2016 dinner for their philanthropic work within the community. From the arts to the environment, education and health care, Carol and Larry have helped make Calgary a world-class city of commerce, compassion and creativity.

Proceeds from this year’s Negev Campaign will be directed towards the Muslala Indoor Activity Terrace and Urban Green Roof in Jerusalem. The building, which houses various organizations and small businesses, has been identified by the Jerusalem Municipality as a future cultural hub, where culture and commerce will sit side by side and interact for the benefit of artists and local merchants.

Photos Courtesy: JNF Calgary

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