Jewish National Fund – Negev Dinner/Gala

Jewish National Fund – Negev Dinner/Gala

The Jewish National Fund (JNF) has been performing environmental work in Israel for 114 years. Today, as the problems that are plaguing our planet become more apparent, we continue to develop and implement cutting edge environmental projects.

The JNF is a United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization), and has worked to develop partnerships with a number of government and professional organizations to further cooperative relationships, conduct research, share technical expertise and obtain educational exchanges.

The Negev Dinner/Gala represents a continuing rallying point for Jewish National Fund community-wide support across the country. Negev Dinner/Galas provide a prestigious forum for honouring community leaders and those who have given outstanding personal effort of behalf of the Jewish State. In many instances this has become the most prestigious organizational/social event in the local community.

This year, Calgary JNF was pleased to pay tribute to Marilyn Libin. There will be many more healthy, happy children in Israel as a result of this year’s Calgary JNF Negev Gala held at Beth Tzedec Congregation on June 18. And that is exactly the way this year’s honouree, Marilyn Libin, would have it. A devoted mother and bubbie, and a dedicated educator, Marilyn Libin cares passionately about the welfare of children. In her honour the JNF Negev Gala is commissioning a special project in Israel, “The Marilyn Libin Rehabilitation & Sports Facility” at the Meir Children’s Hospital in Kfar Saba. “I always believed that we must inspire children to achieve their potential,” she told the audience. “This rehabilitation and sports facility is vital to help children develop skills and the ability to be the best they can be despite their illnesses and injuries.” 

The project at Meir Hospital is specially designed to promote physical activity programs for children with chronic pediatric diseases. It will also provide rehabilitation opportunities for children following major surgery or injury. Included in the facility will be running tracks, a sports field and a sophisticated fitness facility designed to promote beneficial workouts to improve core physical functions such as balance, flexibility and agility that contribute to well-being among children. All this will be set in a landscaped park with numerous amenities for family members. Another key component is that the Marilyn Libin Rehabilitation & Sports Facility is part of a broader research project at the Kfar Saba hospital to investigate physical activity among improved lifestyles among the young, leading to better health outcomes in the future. And as JNF Canada CEO Josh Cooper noted during his presentation, the new facility at the Meir Children’s Hospital is open to all Israelis – Arab, Jew, and all others in need, including Palestinian residents of the territories.

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