Carbert Waite | Boutique law firms – The call to go small
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Boutique law firms – The call to go small

Boutique law firms – The call to go small

The following is an excerpt is from Boutique law firms – The call to go small from National Magazine. Click here to read the full article.

Blair Carbert, founding partner: Carbert Waite LLP (litigation), Calgary

Photo credit: Bookstrucker Photography Photo credit: Bookstrucker Photography

“We’re in the centre of a large city and we want to practise in that world — downtown, here in Calgary — but we want to do it out of a smaller office. Most of our lawyers have been trained or have come out of a big law firm experience; they bring that capability here and practise to that level here […] What probably stands out is this question of conflict of interest. Given the smaller size of the firm combined with our focus on litigation, we don’t come across conflicts frequently at all. As we don’t get involved in business transaction work for clients, it means we don’t find ourselves conflicted with any litigation work because of some previous, or hoped for, solicitor’s work for clients. Not only is that attractive for clients, but it’s also a benefit for our colleagues in bigger firms, as we can be a safe harbour for conflicts.”